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31 Dec. 2005
Section reopening
I am starting to rebuild/renew some previous sections of the old web site. Today, I am reopening the poems section (yet only in french). One can find here many poems that moved me, and some trials.
3 Dec. 2005
New Project
I have started a new project (Free of course) in order to add a new functionnality to Nucleus. What I was missing in Nucleus is a multi-language publishing facility, so we could write translation of some of our articles. Not all our readers can understand dutch or french or even english ;) The project is only starting, so do not expect too much for this month, especially because it is December! The project is called NP_polyglot and is hosted at SourceForge.
29 Sept. 2005
New section, "blog" style, about our (Vera and me) travels, friends, families, etc. Check it from time to time as we plan to constantly update it (but do not count more than once or twice a month). This section contains also some Photographs Albums!
8 Sept. 2005
I have been trying many different CMS and weblog (PostNuke, SPIP, dotClear, Plume CMS, Nucleus CMS). I have made up my mind and I will start developing a part of this web site for Nucleus CMS. It is the one I have found most easy to setup and customised! Check back later for the opening of the new section (hopefully before the end of September).
5 Feb. 2005
I am working again on this web site.
First of all, many pages are now fully compliant with the W3C recommandation, hence a better accessibility on this web site to everyone.
Then, I am setting up a weblog, which should allow me to better manage this web site. Opening soon...
About the sections that will be available, we will have Astronomy and Iceland (Ha! Finally!). Others will follow after, I guess one about Free Software.
6 August 2001 New Chapter
(under construction)
I'm going to start a new chapter about Iceland. It is going to be online from now. There is not that much things yet but I hope a few more soon.
17 June 2001 Update I'm going to have a bit of free time so I'm going to try to work a bit on this web site. That's too long that nothing change. I'll put soon hopefully a chapter about Iceland at least and maybe others.
2 August 2000 Search Engine After a few try the method used sems not to be that smart. Then I've looked around on the web and found a free web search engine that seems to work pretty well.
29 July 2000 Search Engine Creation of a JavaScript “search engine”. It uses the one of iFrance in fact.
28 July 2000 Update The french presentation page has been created. It is just a kind of draft which will be improved and changed in a nearer futur.
24 July 2000 Update The Tir-na-nOg v2's starting point is almost finished (new graphics), you can already have a look at it... My new resume is available online from Tir-na-nOg v2 and my work project in Iceland is almost done...
11 July 2000 Update After a long break, I start to build the web site again. In fact I do not like anymore the present shape of it and I will start it again. Soon on line, see you on Tir-na-nOg v2...
23 Nov. 1999 Scanning I've sort my pictures of Iceland and ... I have 154 pictures to scan ! So I'll make a little break for the coming days and past my time to scan all that. After I'll be able to start the icelandic chapter.
21 Nov. 1999 Snow This weekend is almost quiet. Big events : the arrival of the SNOW !!! Finally ! :)
17 Nov. 1999 Creation I've begin the translation of the site in english (if I'm waiting too lomg, I'll never do it...) and it will be soon online. Maybe other languages following (Italian...)
15-16 Nov. 1999 Update Finally ! I really start the chapter "Poetry" of the site. I've typed some poems of Baudelaire, Prévert. Some others following... I've tryed some effects, if it doesn't work, email please explaining what's the problem and give your browser version. Thank you :)
12-14 Nov. 1999 Trip Incredible ! A trip without accident... Well, it was a cool and quiet weekend in a small cotage around Geysír with 8 others persons. Nothing exceptionnal, the weather was quite bad... We have done again the Golden Circle (Kerið, Geysir, Gullfoss), still beautiful even under the rain.
10 Nov. 1999 Update Update of the site. This time, I'm adding a new chapter "News" that you are actually reading.
5-7 Nov. 1999 Trip Walking in Iceland with 11 others persons around Vík. Discovered of cliffs, black sand beach, water fall, burning guesthouse (ours)... Soon available in Hobbies -> Travel -> Iceland, images and detail of the trip.
22-23 Oct. 1999 Trip Hicking in Iceland at The Westmann Islands (South) with 15 others people. Discovered of cliffs, vlocanos, recent lava fields, puffins, Keiko (the killer whale of the movie Save Willy)... Soon available !
20 Oct.-1 Nov. 1999 Creation of the site For the moment there few things to see, I'm building the site sturcture and learning HTML at the same time... For the moment only available in french !


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