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Born the 7th of May 1977 ( years old)
French nationality - Single
Driving licence
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Jean-Christophe BERTHON

My own portrait (2005)


Employment history (About years of experience in Computer Science)

Since Oct 2000
Toulouse (France)

Over years
Capgemini Space Unit
Senior Solution Developer
Capgemini's Logo
Main customers and work locations:
  • ESA/ESOC in Darmstadt (Germany): since June 2004
  • Eutelsat partially in Paris (France): Sept 2002-May 2004
  • CNES in Toulouse (France): Oct 2000-Aug 2002
Acquired experience:

- Ground Segments systems:
Nowadays, support ESOC for the MCM4 deployment in the ESTRACK network and for establishing the MCM4 helpdesk service. Moreover, study a solution for the replacement of the STC2 HMI software library.
Duties involve performing the acceptance of the MCM4 software on behalf of ESA/ESOC. In addition, conducted a code quality review for the MCM4 and TMTCS projects.
For Eutelsat, migrated GSMCS, a M&C system, to Linux, to maintain and to support (technical and functional) the new system during its deployment and first half a year of use.

- Image Quality systems:
Before, development of UNIX and Linux Graphical User Interfaces in Tcl/Tk or GTK for Image Quality tools. Worked on different stages of various projects (Specification, Preliminary and Detailed Conceptions, Coding, Single Instruction and Integration Tests, Validation, Acceptance, Maintenance and Evolution). Has acquired skills in the field of Image Quality (SPOT, Polder Satellites, etc.).

- Linux system engineer:
Duties involve Linux clients or servers installation and maintenance, including network services (FTP, CVS, firewall, etc.) and backup configuration.

You can read further about the projects and skills I was involved with.

Work &

Apr 1999-Aug 2000
Reykjavik (Iceland)

Almost 1,5 year
(5 months internship)
Náttúrufræðistofnun Íslands (Icelandic Institute of Natural History)
Database Manager and Developer
Náttúrufræðistofnun Íslands' Logo
Worked on Ingres and Ms Access to create a database to be used by all the researchers of the institute to save their on-the-fields' experiences. Created a graphical user interface with Visual Basic and based on A.D.O. allowing entering and reading data in a user-friendly way.
The software could export data to an external GIS to view the repartition of Icelandic species on maps.
Recommendation letter


Studies, training and graduation (Click on a study to have more information)
Since 2000
I.P.S.T. - Evening classes in Computer Science, Conception and Development. Course credits validated:
  • Modelisation, Optimisation and Complexity of Algorithms
  • Systems architecture: Functional and hardware computer architectures. Method, programming and real time environment
  • Computer Systems and Networks: Network architecture and protocols; UNIX system, process management for programming
  • Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research
  • Conception and Development of a Project using Object Oriented methodology (UML)
University Robert Schuman of Strasbourg (France)
I.U.T. Strasbourg-Sud Computer Science Department
Graduate of the French D.U.T. in 1999
University Louis Pasteur of Strasbourg (France)
D.E.U.G. Mathematics and Computer Science
High School Armand Peugeot of Valentigney (France)
High School in Science Speciality Mathematics
Graduate of French Baccalauréat of Science with a speciality in Mathematics with honors in 1995


Technical skills
  • Servers: Linux (RedHat, IPCop, Mdk), UNIX (Solaris, HP/UX, DEC)
  • Workstations: Linux, Windows, DOS.
  • Network: NTP, Samba, FTP, SNMP, NFS, firewall (iptables)
  • Others: GNU / Open Source environment, VxWorks.
C/C++, Tcl/Tk, Prolog, LISP, HTML and CSS, Java, Shell (bash and ksh), Visual Basic, JavaScript, SQL, Caml, Assembly language (x86).
Ingres, Oracle, Ms Access.
API SLE, GTK+, CVS, tcpdump/ethereal, ArgoUML/Poseidon, cscope, md5, DataViews, MDAC (ADO), Ms Office Pro, ARCview (G.I.S.), ARCserve, GNUPlot, The Gimp, Photoshop...
Methods and associated tools
UML (ArgoUML/Poseidon), Real Time Software Design (CNAM), Merise (Silverrun).


Languages (Ordered from the best to the least)
Native (mother tongue)
Fluent. TOEIC total score: 755 (Sept. 1999). Primary language at work
Speaking and reading fluent. Adequate writing. Training: attending an Italian course
Basics. Training: attending a German course and living in Germany, which helps to integrate in the German culture quickly


Listening and studying (orchestra, duo, trio)
cello: 5 years ; contrabass: 2 years
Astronomy (cosmology, planetology, etc.), History (mainly Middle Ages, Antiquity and Prehistory)
Hiking (participating and organising), cycling, swimming
Travels South Africa (1 month), Germany (over 1 year), Iceland (16 months), Italy (2 months), Denmark, The Netherlands, Greenland, Mexico...


1 September 2005

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